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Chances of a White Christmas in Texoma


TEXOMA -- Are you wondering what the chances are of a White Christmas for Texomans? 

For most people snow falling or on the ground Christmas day is such a beautiful sight to see, but how often does Texoma see a white Christmas?  

"A white Christmas is defined as having one inch of snow on the ground Christmas day. That snow can fall either several days before Christmas or on the day/night of Christmas. Either way one inch of snow on the ground Christmas day is considered a white Christmas," says KTEN Meteorologist Cathy Corbett.

This map (located at the link above) is from the National Climatic Data Center. It takes into account data from 1981 to 2010. Considering all the white Christmas' within those years it gives the probability of it happening any one year. As you may expect Texoma is in the less than 10% category, but we are relatively close to areas with a higher probability. So at least there is more hope for us than say Houston.

In our Christmas history you actually don't have to look too far to find when we last saw a white Christmas.

Just last year a strong upper level storm system caused snow to start falling Christmas morning in Texas and Oklahoma. Amounts ranged anywhere from trace to 3 inches creating a white Christmas for many. But a white Christmas in the last hundred years has only happened a handful of times in Texoma.

"Taking into account the weather pattern we are in now, having a major ice storm in the history books, our chances of a white Christmas do seem more likely this year than other years," says Corbett.