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Busy Time for the US Postal Service


SHERMAN, TX --  There is no place more busy than the US Post Office before the Christmas holiday.

People all over Grayson County stood in a long line waiting to mail packages off to long distant family and friends.

"It's hot up in there and its crowded. I forgot I'd seen on the news that it was going to be crowded today but it slipped my mind. I forgot or I would have been here earlier but then again I bet you a lot of other people been here too earlier," says Helen Banks who was quite tired after leaving the post office.

"I was suppose to have had this done last week but I kinda had a little ice on the ground," says George Ward, who mailed a package Monday afternoon.

The postmaster in Sherman said the ice storm did cause some problems.

"We have a little more struggle due with the ice we had lately, of course we are bouncing back from that," says Steve Fuhr, the Postmaster at Sherman USPS.

Mail carriers even worked this past Sunday to try and get a head start on delivering packages this week.

"I had several city carriers out and several rural carriers out. We were out trying, trying to put a dent in what we were facing today (Monday) and it helped and if need be we will be back out there again this Sunday," says Fuhr.

Many customers were pleased with the service especially if they were just picking up a package

"It was just wonderful. The people are so nice in fact I didn't even stand in line .. I went right to my box and picked it right up," says Terry Maher.

"Oh its good. Everyone is patient and kind so that helps," says Lucretia Casmedes.

Others didn't have time to wait.

"I was intending to buy some stamps and I saw that line in there and I will just go some place else," says Don Osborn.

The postmaster says it helps coming prepared.

"When you bring a package up to the Post Office, if you got already everything in it, you have got it sealed, you got it addressed and ready and all you need is your postage when you come up to the window, we can get you in and out quick"

It is not too late to still mail packages out in the United States and have them arrive by Christmas.  The cut-off date for First-Class Mail is December 20th, for Priority Mail December 21, and Priority Mail Express December 23rd.

For guidelines of what you can mail and not mail, please visit the US Postal Service website: www.usps.com