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Two North Texas Churches Donate Items To Philippines


DENISON, TX -- A pair of Texoma churches team up to help typhoon victims in the Philippines.

Organizers say a pastor who went from Unity Missionary Baptist Church in Denison to lead a floundering congregation in Gainesville called Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church has been collecting Bibles and shoes at both churches.

On Sunday, they got together all the donations and organizers say they had about 300 Bibles and 300 pairs of shoes.

"It is a very worthwhile project. There's a lot of people homeless in the Philippines and he says we ought to do a shoe drive and then he added the Bibles to it and it's been a pretty overwhelming response especially at Gainesville," says pastor Jim Branscum.

They told us they were planning to take the donations over to Texarkana on Sunday night on their way to help relief volunteers with the American Baptist Association.

The death toll has been estimated at 6,000 with millions more affected by the storm that happened five weeks ago.