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Noise Permit For Denison Bar Up For Renewal


DENISON, TX -- Concerns about a bar previously granted a noise exception will go before city council members on Monday.

The Office Sports Bar and Club, which has outdoor concerts, was the subject of noise complaints last year. That's when we told you about how police were stepping in.

"Typically if there was an issue, one police officer would come in and let us now that we need to move it inside or turn it down and that the surrounding neighborhoods were being affected," a bartender at the club told KTEN during a story in December.

Normally under city ordinance, no amplified noise is allowed after 11:30 p.m. But last April and December, council members twice approved an exception.

It expired last Monday, and now the matter is on the agenda again. This time, police say the noise needs to stop. In a letter to the city manager, Police Chief Jay Burch says they've had increased activity resulting in officers being sent to the bar.

Compared to last year, police say their calls, reports, and arrests there -- most after 11 p.m. -- have doubled, including a fight on Sept. 22 when police say a large fight broke out.

"Two Denison police officers were attacked by bar patrons when the officers entered the building. The officers were kicked and punched by patrons resulting in four arrests," says Burch.

The next weekend, police made five alcohol-related arrests, including two people charged with drunk driving, and they say the suspects came from the bar.

"All these alcohol-related offenses were turned over to TABC and the police department requested TABC investigate the bar. These are just examples of the issues we are having at this bar. The police department strongly recommends that the late hours amplified sound permit not be extended at the Office Sports Bar after December 9, 2013," Burch's letter states.

KTEN spoke to a manger on Sunday who did not want to go on camera, but tells us a couple residents across the railroad tracks from the bar on South Woodlawn started the noise complaints.

He says these issues happen at every bar in Grayson County, and that since the fight, they have booked less rap and hip hop acts and more country music acts to try to attract an older crowd than ages 20 to 25.

He hopes the extension will go through for the sake of his business and those who enjoy it. Council will meet on Monday at 6 p.m.