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Another home catches fire in Sherwood Shores


GRAYSON COUNTY -- The Grayson County Fire Marshall and Sheriff's Office are stepping up patrol in Sherwood Shores.

Another home has burned in the community and the same neighborhood where seven other homes caught fire a year ago this month.

"Very frightening and disappointing," neighbor Laurie Hestand said.

Hestand owns a home two doors away from the house that caught fire early Sunday evening on Friar Tuck and Hillcrest Circle in Sherwood Shores.

It's the ninth home to burn in her neighborhood in a year.

"Even when it was happening a couple streets over it was, that was enough to alarm us and that's why as neighbors, we got together and if we see anything or hear anything, we tell eachother," Hestand said.

The house is a second home for the Collinsville couple who owns it.

They say they last visited the home a month ago and returned Monday to see the damage and salvage whatever property they could.

"The home is a total loss," Grayson County Fire Marshall Kevin Walton said.

Seven vacant homes in Sherwood Shores burned close to Christmas last year.

Walton says someone lit four on fire in one night and that the arsonist struck again over the summer.

"Over the past six months, we haven't had any and I'm not going to say this one is necessarily attached to any of those but we are investigating it like it is part of the other ones," Walton said.

Much of the damage to the burned homes has been cleaned up. But, because no arrests have been made in connection with any of the fires, neighbors remain unsettled.

People who live near where the fires are happening not only fear their home may be next, some say they've also seen an increase in their homeowners insurance since the fires began.

Walton says the cause of Sunday's fire remains under investigation.

He says utilities at the home are hooked up so there's a possibility it was sparked electrically.

Regardless of whether it was intentionally set, neighbors say the timing and similarities of it to the previous fires has them back on edge.

"Whoever is doing this, we just beg and plead with them to stop and try to get some help," Hestand said.

Investigators say they have two suspects who they believe may have sparked the fires in the past.

This afternoon, the Fire Marshall used a dog trained to detect fire accelerants but said the dog did not pick up on any in the home.

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A fire destroyed a home in the Sherwood Shores neighborhood tonight.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday on Friar Tuck and Hillcrest.

That's where Sherwood Shores and Whitesboro firefighters responded to battle a house fire.

Crews spent more than an hour on the scene. County Fire Marshal Kevin Walton says the building was unoccupied and the cause of the fire is under investigation.