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Loft Tour Gives Look Inside Downtown Homes In Denison


DENISON, TX -- A special Christmas Loft Tour organized by Downtown Denison Inc. gave people a look inside five downtown buildings.

A tour took visitors up to some of the places where people live on W. Main Street. "Several people that have gone through have asked me a lot of questions about who was your contractor, and how did you do this and is this new plumbing and did you clean the walls, because a lot of people like the exposed brick," says downtown resident Mary Karam.

Karam says after buying a building for her gallery 10 years ago, she decided to renovate and transform the upstairs that hadn't been used in 70 years."There were pigeons, there were pigeon eggs up here in the rafters," says Karam.

Around the corner, visitors took a peek at the seventh floor of the century-old Hotel Denison -- now home to more than 30 people including the couple that runs it.

"I'm trying to explain the hotel, the history of the hotel, but then also I'm showing the two rooms that I have re-decorated and brought my furniture over. One is called the Madison and that's named after my granddaughter and the furniture that's in it is from the 1800's," says downtown resident Bonnie Scranton.

People also got a look inside the Barrett Building, which was once the home to the owner of the former Barrett Drug Store. Current resident Shelley McBride, who has an advertising business here, showed visitors what was once Mr. Barrett's office.

These residents say living in the heart of town has its benefits, including a good view of what's going on. "More than 10 people were out there with picks trying to get the ice out of the road so that we could have the parade that we had last night," says Karam.

"It's just great to be able to walk out your front door, I can go to the grocery store or wherever," says Scranton.