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Local Schools Use Fatheads For Playoff Spirit


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- While we're getting into the later stages of playoff football across Texoma, it's time to show off your school spirit and some are doing it in an unusual way.

Sure there's the traditional forms of school spirit, but why be modest when you can go big...as in big head.

For Tammy Manley, Darcy Jordan, and Jennifer Claxton--who all have sons on the Plainview football team--they say the new big head cut-outs are a great way to standout.

"So everybody understands how proud we are and it's just fun to be together and we appreciate each other and it's fun to share and to do these kind of things together," said Jordan.

The moms say they have fatheads for every senior football player and cheerleader from this season, over 30 in all.

So what goes into making a fathead?

First, you start out with big printer.

Once the face is printed, it's laminated and mounted on foam board.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes to make just one.

Brandy Rogers, co-owner of Pronto Print in Ardmore, says the heads are a neat way to show big support and that players can clearly see them from the field.

"One of the mom's actually tells us that she takes hers to everything her kids involved in," said Rogers. "Like he was in a play and she took it to a play just cause it's a cool thing to have to help support for a group you're doing."

So if your our watching some high school playoff football, don't be surprised if the parents have some big fatheads in hand.

"We hope this continues cause I think the kids really like it," said Manley. "Every time they do something great on the field, we jump and [wave their big head]" 

Rogers says the Pronto Print has printed on all sorts of things, but this was their first year making the big head cutouts.