Ada Businesses Hit Hard by Winter Storm - - No One Gets You Closer

Ada Businesses Hit Hard by Winter Storm


ADA, OK--Last week's ice storm not only kept people inside, but it also kept shoppers out of the stores. One local town is working hard to make up for what it lost last week.

"Thursday was only $67.39 and then Friday we didn't even open," said BeautyCo employee Amanda Woods.

Sixty-seven dollars one day, $58 the next. These are the kinds of daily sales numbers many Ada businesses saw last week, and now they're doing their best to de-ice the cash registers.

Stores that count on raking in thousands each week say they are feeling the storm's aftermath.

"I got here at like 1 o'clock one day, and in between 1 PM and the time we were open, we had done $22," said Stage employee Meghan Wright.

Woods said: "Oh yea, it hurt us quite a bit. We can make $800 in one day, so between those seven days making $800, it put us in a bind."

Local employees tell us their shops were understaffed, and dwindling purchases meant closing time came early.

"Those first couple of days there were probably about 10 to 12 people in here," said Wright.

Woods said: "There was one day I know we only had three customers, and there were only two of them that purchased that day. So really I only count those two."

Places like Main Street Ada and North Hills Shopping Center are seeing their regular crowds again. The problem now, however, is that all those shoppers say they're having to work double time to get those gifts under the tree this year.

Pontotoc County shopper Karon Smith said: "In my head I'm going, 'I have to go here, I have to get this, have to get that, have to get it in the mail.' So I'm a week behind."

Mitch Iverson said: "It's just been hectic right now. Trying to catch up now that the roads are starting to clear out. We can get out and start getting our Christmas presents."

Stores that have been in the losing say they hope people decide to shop locally this week.

"I just hope people decide to shop at Stage, and we can pick up on our business for what we lost," said Wright.

Ada employees tell us they are glad to see the Christmas crowds picking back up, and believe they will regain what they lost in sales.