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Two Thousand Still Without Power in Pushmataha County


ANTLERS, OK--While countless Texomans were affected in the ice storm this past week, there is still one community where thousands don't know when they'll be out of the dark.

"I think it was about yesterday I stopped expecting to see the lights on today, today, today," said Antlers resident Heidi Lail.

Lail and her family of five are one of two thousand households in Pushmataha County that have been without power for an entire week now.

"After a couple of days you're like 'Just get it over with!!'" said Lail's oldest son.

A wife and mother to three home schooled boys, Lail says the past seven days have been an exhausting inconvenience.

"No electricity means no lights, but it means no heating, no water, certainly no hot water, no ability to do anything," said Lail.

Lail said the power outage has affected everything from cooking and cleaning, to limiting daily activities and the ability to do homework.

"We started back trying to get some schoolwork done today, it's a bit more challenging," said Lail. "And just making sure that we're doing it during the day."

Emergency management officials in Antlers tell us the number of people without power is down to 2,000 from the original 10,000 last week. They say they're hopeful electricity will be up and running again by the end of the weekend.

Pushmataha County emergency management director Randy Janoe said: "The electric company told me they're moving on schedule, maybe a little bit ahead of schedule. I know for the people it seems like it's been forever, but they're really making a lot of headway out there and getting a lot of power restored daily."

Lail and Janoe say the community has gone above and beyond to provide food, shelter and fellowship to those in need this week, and will keep doing so until the lights come back on.

Lail said: "Get out there and do something for someone else. That has been the best medicine for me and my family."

Janoe says the power outage has taken a toll on the 12,000 Pushmataha residents. He said the ice storm caused about 10 injuries, two house fires and one house fire fatality. If you care to extend a helping hand, you can contact the Antlers Fire Department or First Baptist Church.