Choctaw Electric Power Outage Update 12/12/2013 - - No One Gets You Closer

Choctaw Electric Power Outage Update 12/12/2013


Latest Statement from Choctaw Electric (12/12/13):

"Good progress was made yesterday with replacing poles/building lines, but as ice melted and trees started to stand back up lines were being knocked back out behind crews.  Crews spent a lot of time fixing what had already been fixed, which slows down forward progress.  Numerous crews have been brought in from coops around the state and have been a tremendous help to CEC crews.  CEC crews and linemen do know what they are doing and know the best system to getting everyone back on. This is very time consuming.  We know that there are places with just a line down or just a fuse out and crews are making their way down every line.  Please remember too, that in so many of the rural areas there are miles and miles of line in between some consumers that have to be fixed. If you have reported your outage or damage, you will still be reported. We only can report it once, not multiple times. It is not true that we won't turn you back on if you don't report it, but the only way we can confirm the power is back on is if the outage has been reported. We don't restore power by a list. The only list we have is of reported outages. The order in which you reported it does not determine when your power is restored. It will be restored as lines, poles, transformers, fuses, etc… are fixed."

"We know this afternoon marks one week and that everyone is tired, cold, frustrated and ready for power to be restored. CEC wants nothing more than for everyone to have power and life to go back to normal. Please know that we are working long and tiring hours late into the night doing our best to get you back on.  Crews are still being moved into other areas as consumers are coming back online. Shelters are still set up around communities to help with those without power. We are still optimistic that there will be very, very few consumers still out by Monday."

Areas that crews are starting in today will be, but not limited to:

Ethel area
North Smithville area