Choctaw Electric Power Outage Update 12/11/13 - - No One Gets You Closer

Choctaw Electric Power Outage Update 12/11/13


Choctaw Electric Power Outage Update - 12/11/2013

Statement from Choctaw Electric:

"More additional crews were added both yesterday and today to help in the ongoing efforts to restore power. As power is being restored to areas they are being moved to other severely damaged areas. With main lines energized yesterday, crews are able to concentrate on taps (any lines coming off the main lines) today. Please realize that there are no simple fixes in any of this. To date, we have already had several hundred poles damaged or replaced and are still replacing poles as we continue.  We understand that some areas don't have poles or lines down and are still without power, and crews are going line to line off the main lines to restore power. This is a very time consuming process.  We do still have crews assessing areas today that trucks have been unable to reach due to damage on the main lines getting to them. To date, we have restored power to 80% of the affected areas. Our crews plus all our additional crews are working long and tiring hours late into the night to continue to restore power. We are still looking at having an estimated 500 consumers without power by Friday. If you are without power and have reported it you will still be on the outage list, we have no way to put in duplicate outages for your location.  If you are without power or have damage that has not been reported you can call 1-800-780-6486 24/7. Thank you."

Areas that crews are continuing to work today –
Ethel Community
Turkey Creek Landing
All of Antlers area
West of Nelson
Push/Atoka County Line Area
Cloudy south towards Rattan