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Grayson County declared a local disaster


GRAYSON COUNTY -- While highways are seeing much improvement in Grayson County, most parking lots are still covered in sheets of ice and smaller side roads are still too slippery to drive on.

Some bridges along Highway 75 seemed more like cobblestone roads causing traffic back-ups while drivers eased across.

In a letter to Governor Rick Perry, the county estimates damage to roads and bridges will exceed $5 million.

Governor Perry declared a state disaster on December 5.

"When the sun does come out and the roadways get better, we'll all be giving a sigh of relief just from the response side, but that's kind of when the work begins for our office," Grayson County Office of Emergency Management director Sarah Somers said.

Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum and the OEM have officially declared Grayson County a local disaster which will allow it to receive state and federal funding for repairs.

"We need to do it now as we determine that we have repair costs and we've exceeded local budgets on response costs," Somers said.

The county estimates 20 homes and businesses have damaged by ice accumulation.

At the Home Depot in Sherman, the covering on the store's plant nursery collapsed under a several inch thick layer of ice.

Managers say the roof collapsed at about 6am Friday, after more than 12 hours of sleet in Sherman. But, they say it took crews until Monday to repair it because they had 10 other Home Depot stores between Sherman and Dallas to fix first.

"We were glad that was the only thing we had issues with but it's been tough dealing with all the ice the past few days for sure," assistant manager Sammy Harston said.

The awning outside another business in downtown Sherman also gave way under the weight of the ice.

Outside a gas station just off Highway 75 in Sherman, crews lifted slabs of ice off the roof to keep them from falling on customers.

Grayson County Commissioners have called for an emergency meeting Tuesday following regular commissioners court at 10am.