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Texas National Guardsman Depart from Grayson County


DENISON, TX--- After spending nearly four days in Grayson County, The Texas National Guardsman headed back to their station in Lewisville this afternoon.

Texas Governor Rick Perry activated the guard last Wednesday as the outside conditions continued to worsen. Today, guards said most of their trip was spent working in Grayson and Cooke County.

Over the weekend 27 members assisted the Texas Department of Public Safety and TxDOT with clearing roadways and abandoned vehicles, assisting stranded motorists, handing out food and supplies and helping with traffic. Now, they said overall conditions are much better.

"As the weather warms up it may take a few days for it all to disappear, but it is going to continue to get better," Lt. Clayton Harrison said.

In total, the guard said they directly helped several hundred people and more than 1,000 motorists during their stay. Lt. Harrison said this is one of the worst winter storms they've seen since 1999.

Now, he's still advising people to stay off the roads if they can, but if they do need to get out they need to remember to use caution while out.