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Despite the Weather, Locals Brave the Elements


DENISON, TX--While most people probably opted to stay indoors today, many decided to brave the elements.

Despite the icy weather conditions, KTEN spoke with several people this afternoon who decided they would get out of the house and go into town today. They said necessities such as food and family businesses justified their risking the roads. One man even told us that his wife just couldn't go a day without her favorite cup of joe.
Hot coffee and fast food are just a couple of the things that lured people out of their warm homes today.    

"She had to have her Starbucks," said Richard Hawkins of his wife.

Kelsin Jay said, "Well, we were actually coming out to get some food because there wasn't any food at home, so I figured we'd come to Taco Bell and get some food."

Others say they left home to check on family members and personal businesses.

Bill Fri said: "I've got a business out in Pottsboro, so I'll run out there and check on things. I've got four wheel drive again, though, so that makes a big difference."

His wife, Deanna, said: "And he keeps us geared up with good tires. That's the key."

Most of the people we talked to told us they knew the risks involved with driving on ice, and actually admitted they should have stayed inside.

"The roads are rough, so I wouldn't recommend getting out if you don't really have to," said Deanna Fri.

"They're very slick. Uncomfortable with people trying to pass each other," said Hawkins.

Jay said he realized driving was a bad idea, but only after he got his car stuck at Walmart.

"Well we were hungry, but now that I think of it, I think we shouldn't have gotten out and gotten stuck, yea."

The Fris, who are owners of a four wheel drive truck, had one piece of advice for fellow drivers.

"I think people with four wheel drive should stay home. The roads are rough," said Deanna.

Local restaurants like IHOP and Cotton Patch even had a decent number of customers this afternoon. Reps from both restaurants told us they had a staff shortage due to the weather. IHOP managers said their chefs weren't able to get in they prepared the food themselves.