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TMC Books Rooms for 58 Employees at Denison Hampton Inn


DENISON, TX--Hour by hour, local hotels have been filling up because of the icy conditions. One area hospital made sure its employees had a place to stay days in advance.

It's at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Denison where more than 50 Texoma Medical Center employees are staying. Since the hospital can't take snow days, senior management wanted to offer its staff a place to stay.

"If you live 20 miles from here, they gave us the option of staying," said registered nurse Tanya Paschen.

General manager Douglas Bradley reached maximum occupancy at the Hampton Inn around noon today. He said the majority of his 79 rooms were reserved by TMC.

"We anticipate having about 58 people from Texoma Medical Center here tonight," said Bradley.   

In anticipation of dangerous weather, Bradley sent out an email to local business contacts two weeks ago. He said his very first call was from TMC's chief financial officer.

"I think it shows they really care about their employees and to make sure they're safe, and to also make sure that we have people available for the medical center," said Bradley.

TMC staff say they agree the hospital has their best interests in mind.

Paschen said: "Yesterday they called and asked us, you know, would you be interested in staying at the Hampton Inn so you wouldn't have to drive? They were worried about our safety and things like that. That was very kind of them."

Registered nurse Shandra Hodge said: "I think it's a blessing, it really is. I have small children and my husband is at home with them, and I'm just thankful that he doesn't have to come and get me to take me to work, because I don't think I could drive on this ice."

Both TMC nurses say they're looking forward to spending time at the Hampton.

"Actually I'm going to school, so I'm going to be doing homework," said Paschen. "So, not much of a break."

Bradley says he is just as thankful for the hospital, as its staff is for him.

"The nurse in emergency preparedness had sent me a really really nice email saying how wonderful we  long