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Customers Urged To Prepare for Possible Storm-Related Power Outages


(Lewisville, Texas) – Texas-New Mexico Power is ramping up operations in anticipation of possible power outages that could result from icy weather moving into northern and central Texas today.


The exact impact that the storm may have on TNMP's system – and in which communities – can't be known in advance. But if this is a significant ice storm, unusually long power outages may result for some customers.


"We are taking steps ahead of time to be as ready as we can be to get damage assessed and power restored quickly in the event of outages," said TNMP President Neal Walker. "We also will be focusing heavily on the safety of the public, our employees and our contractors."


TNMP's service areas include Lewisville, communities west, north and east of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and areas west and northwest of Waco. See a map of all of our service areas.


Preparing for outages


TNMP suggests that customers review their plans and make preparations, including:


·         ensuring they have batteries for flashlights and radios.

·         regularly charging mobile phones.

·         ensuring a supply of foods that don't require refrigeration.

·         checking portable generators in advance.


Important safety concerns


It's vital that no members of the public ever approach a downed power line, even if power is out in the area. Every power line should be treated as if it's energized and deadly, and members of the public should stay away and call the power company. They also should call 911 if there appears to be imminent danger to people or property.


Customers whose health is dependent upon powered equipment and who don't have backup power should take appropriate measures to ensure their safety in the case of an extended outage. Those customers are encouraged to consider relocating in advance of the storm.


Portable generators should be set up a distance from any occupied buildings to make sure carbon monoxide doesn't get pulled into the buildings. They also should be used only to directly power specific appliances in a home or business and not be connected directly to a building's main power supply.


TNMP's preparations


Because it's difficult to predict specific impact on the electric system, TNMP today has been strategically staging line crews throughout areas that are expected to be impacted by the storm.


More than 50 additional TNMP crew members are coming from other parts of the state and they'll be rotated as needed, based on the actual impact on the system.


Contract line repair crews also are being pre-staged in TNMP areas, along with multiple tree-trimming crews, which are critical to making sure that equipment damaged by ice-covered trees can be repaired and power can be restored.


TNMP's initial focus in large outage events is on critical functions that include hospitals, public safety facilities and water and sewage systems.


As always, TNMP will put a strong focus on the safety of its employees and contractors who may be working long hours around damaged equipment in icy conditions. While TNMP will try to avoid it, it will (if necessary) delay restoring power to certain areas until work can be completed without putting line crew members at unreasonable risk.


Reporting outages and getting updates


Health emergencies and any imminent danger to people or property should be reported to local 911 centers.


TNMP customers can call 888-866-7456 to report outages, and extra customer service staffing will be working. However, if this weather leads to a large, extended outage event, customers should anticipate the possibility of long hold-wait times to reach an agent because of the number of customers who can be expected to call in.


Agents also may not be able to provide detailed updates or outage-restoration estimates for specific areas.


TNMP's Facebook page, Twitter feed, web sites and phone system on-hold messages will be used to provide high-level updates in the event of a large outage event. These channels also won't be unable to provide detailed updates for specific areas, however.


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TNMP is a transmission and distribution service provider that delivers power to about 230,000 homes and businesses on behalf of retail electric providers in Texas. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of PNM Resources.