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Crafty Creations: Crafty Christmas Part 1

It's DECEMBER!~Time to WINTERIZE your homes!!
Our first craft is an easy one, and you can even use broken items...the burned out light bulbs from your strands of lights or buy the clear box of fake light bulbs from the craft store. Also used, pine cones from the yard. Find some with stems or small "dents" in the top.
Fav CD
Mod Podge & sponge brush
Gltiter-I used Extra fine-small $3.00
Craft Christmas light bulbs & Pine Cones
EASY: I start every craft with music-play your favorites...
 Tie the ribbon or twine onto the bulb first, so you can hang these to dry.
 Brush the light bulbs with the Mod Podge then cover with glitter, sprinkling and turning till coated, over a plate to catch extra.
Hang to dry.  These twinkle nicely on the tips of the tree branches, the best place for lighter ornaments.
Also: Pile your colored Christmas light bulbs in a clear bowl on top of "snow" . Make a colorful arrangement by adding Christmas candy too.
PINE CONES:  Hot glue ribbon to the top. Use the "dent" to plop glue first, then add the ribbon's knot. Put glue on the stem then tie ribbon if you find some with stems.
 A set of 3 is a great teacher gift or use these tied onto package bows. It's fun to mix and match colorful ribbon on them also.
 Always the busiest place in the house during all holidays! Here's some fun tips to add CHEER without  much clutter.
I use a colorful wine de cantor for my kitchen utensils,  it replaces the spot on the counter already designated for tools.
Soap pumps. Way cute and they come in plastic. I found the Santa for $2. at Bed Bath & Beyond. Get some for the bathrooms, too.
Frame magazine covers. My GO TO seasonal idea. They're beautiful and can go above cabinets, in lighted hutches, or at my house, on the vent-a-hood shelf and guest bathroom. Past issues of many magazines can be found on line. A standard 8x10 frame will complete your look.  The ones I showed this morning are COUNTRY HOME magazine covers featuring SANTA. Better Homes and Gardens has a pretty wreath series, including this year's.
Kitchen towels...have Santa visit early & get fun, durable towels ready for holiday dishes.
Have fun and enjoy the season!
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