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Safety Checklist for Winter Driving


ADA, OK--Drivers will need to take extreme precaution on the roads during the coming freeze. If staying home isn't an option for you, are you prepared for the dangerous conditions?

"Stay tuned! Things are going to change by tomorrow morning probably," said Pontotoc County Emergency Management director Chad Letellier.  

Ada drivers are hitting the local gas stations and stores to prepare for the ice that's soon to envelop the city streets.

One local driver said, "I just carry some water and a blanket in case your car quits."

Another Ada resident said: "It's kind of scary. I just don't know if I'll even be able to get out."    

Letellier says Ada residents can expect the roads to be under half an inch of ice by tomorrow.

"We could get up to an inch of sleet on top of that, and then maybe an inch or two of snow on top of the sleet," he said. "So it could be a pretty nasty weekend for us."

Weldon Cravey of Weldon's Auto Center in Ada says there are a few things that every driver needs to know for the coming freeze. He says it's both easy and economical to be prepared.

"Make sure you  have some good tires," said Cravey. "If it's a front-wheel-drive car, make sure you have some good traction. You're never going to have very good traction on ice, but on snow and ice, you could be in good shape."

Cravey's checklist for drivers includes making sure your windshield wipers work and that your antifreeze temperature is below zero. He also says to stock up on items like gloves, ice scrapers, kitty litter for traction and windshield de-icing spray. He says most of these items are very affordable.

"Probably $10 or less," said Cravey."It's very economical for what you're going to use. And usually one can of spray will last a whole year."

Letellier says he has one piece of advice for drivers within the coming days.

"Stay off the roads if you don't need to drive," he said. "If you're off work for the day, stay home. Don't go to the store, you're off work for a reason. The roads are bad."

Letellier says the Pontotoc County Police Department and sheriff are gearing up for several accidents this weekend. The mentioned safety items can be purchased at any local Walmart, auto shop or gas station.