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Whitewright churches camp for a good cause


WHITEWRIGHT -- Camping is common in all corners of Texoma.

While it may look like a standard set up – fire, food and smiling faces -- one campsite in Whitewright is for more than just fun.

For three weeks, members of the Kings Trail Cowboy Church, along with several other churches in Whitewright, will live a few steps away from State Highway 11.

They'll eat, sleep and pray fireside, all-the-while collecting Christmas items from anyone who stops by.

"I think it's incredible," donator Mona Tuma said. "I just think the heart of this church and the giving is wonderful."

The event is called the "Project Christmas." This is its fifth year.

It's organized by the Christian Ministries Partners of Whitewright which will help distribute everything collected to families in the area.

"We invite any neighbors from anywhere to bring new toys, bicycles, clothes, non-perishable food items, deliver them here in Whitewright," Whitewright United Methodist Pastor Frank Rahm said.

At the end of the 21 days, organizers say they expect to fill two semi-trailers full of food, clothes and toys.

The items collected given out beginning on December 21.

Bob Adams and his wife have been a part of "Project Christmas" for three years.

Last year, he says the donation drive help 175 families get through Christmas.

"This is a Texas tradition, to be friendly with your neighbors. Love your neighbors and that's the main thing we promote," Adams said.

Helping neighbors while becoming one with nature and building faith by a campfire.

"Project Christmas" runs through December 20.

It's located on State Highway 11 in Whitewright just east of Highway 69.