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Fannin County food pantry moves into new facility


FANNIN COUNTY -- A food pantry in Fannin County, once at risk of closing down, is now moved into its new facility.

We first brought you the story in May.

The president of the Fannin County Community Ministries says his prayers were answered when a couple came forward recently and offered to buy them a new facility.

For six years, the food pantry had been operating out of a warehouse in Bonham rent-free.

In the Spring, it was notified it had to leave to make room for a new business moving in.

It began moving out and had been searching for a new place ever since.

The problem was that the ministry didn't have enough money to buy a building on its own.

It needed the facility to be donated.

A local couple heard their story. Then, about two months ago, they offered to donate money so the center could pay for a new place.

"I came back from a donation run, which I do twice a week, and … there was a couple sitting there and my volunteers were crying and I said, ‘What's going on?' And, they said, ‘This couple wants to buy us a new building.' And, you could've picked me up off the floor. I was totally shocked. Our prayers had been answered," Fannin County Community Ministries president Gary Vernon said.

The new facility is located at 1022 FM 273 north of Bonham.

They began operating out of the building a week ago.

However, it is closed this week only while a new parking lot is put in.

Fannin County Community Ministries will re-open Monday at 9am.

Vernon says the couple donated $100,000 which covered the cost of the new facility and repairs to it.

The couple asked to remain anonymous.