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Movie Premiere Benefits Ardmore Library


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- Hollywood came to Ardmore Saturday night, as the red carpet was rolled out for a special movie premiere.

The Charles B. Goddard Center in Ardmore was set up Saturday night for a Hollywood-sized premiere., for a flick that will certainly get you in the holiday spirit.

"It is a movie about the values of fathers and sons and relationships and what the Christmas spirit is really about," said Elizabeth Avellan, who was a producer on the movie.

Avellan says the movie "Angels Sing" was inspired from a book written by a friend.

"We make movies for a living and but children and people really escape by reading," said Shannon McIntosh. "Words that really jump out."

What might jump out at you next is the ticket sales from the premiere didn't go to the list of actors, which included Harry Connick Jr., Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson.

Neither did the proceeds go to the producers.

"The library is 33 years old and we've never had any renovation at all, it's very dated and  not suitable for public library services today," said Lynn McIntosh, the executive director of The Chickasaw Regional Library System.

Lynn McIntosh, Shannon's mother, says about 20,000 dollars was raised from the premiere to help fund the renovations for the Chickasaw Regional Library System.

The renovations include a new computer center and areas tailored to different age groups.

"I'm just so thankful that she [Shannon] and Elizabeth would come, take their time, they're both very busy people and that they would take their time and help us with this promotion," said Lynn.

For the producers who've been to countless premieres, this one felt different.

"This one is just somehow special because it is about family and it is about places that cherish families," said Avellan. "And I think Ardmore is one of those places."

Shannon says she hopes both the film and library renovations resonate one important message.

"Hopefully it will help people learn to dream, learn to read more and be inspired," said McIntosh.

Lynn McIntosh says the total cost of the renovations is around 475,000 dollars.

With Saturday's premiere event, she says they have now raised around 340,000 dollars.