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Grayson County Holiday Lights Display Opens At Loy Lake


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- For the 13th year, the Holiday Lights at Loy Lake Park are now open. County officials and former county judge Horace Groff were on hand to officially kick off the free light show on Friday evening.

County commissioner Bart Lawrence took the first couple rounds of visitors through the park using a tractor as dusk fell. Since last year, we're told workers fixed up about 1,800 feet of road along the lake, making for a smoother ride for all the visitors.

"We have one person on staff that comes out at night to make sure that if a breaker needs to be tripped or something needs to be fixed, that there's somebody here that can fix the display, and the rest of it is all volunteers, which is phenomenal," says county purchasing agent Jeff Schneider.

They have five new displays with LED lights and about 65 in all. Volunteers organized by the Denison Chamber of Commerce take donations which pay for the lights.

Organizers say last year's light bill was $8,000. it will be open through Dec. 31 from 5:30 to 10 p.m. each night off the Crawford Street exit on Highway 75.

Ardmore's Regional Park lights are also open through Dec. 31.