Grayson County Churches Offer Thanksgiving Meals - - No One Gets You Closer

Grayson County Churches Offer Thanksgiving Meals


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Churches in Grayson County fed thousands of people who would've otherwise gone without a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. It turns out they were serving up a lot more than just food. 

In the spirit of giving, four local churches welcomed community members through their doors by the hundreds today.

"We're hoping to serve about 500-600 people today, maybe more," said James Trainor with Trinity United Methodist Church in Denison.

Paula Gurak with Mission Texoma says she hopes the meal attracts everyone, especially those with little.

"It's for everyone regardless of means, resources, whether they have them or don't have them," said Gurak. "This is about everyone coming together as one big family, which is what we're supposed to be anyway."

Church members say their holiday luncheons were about more than just serving up pumpkin pie and turkey, but about offering a sense of fellowship and community.

"We offer them the food to fill their tummies,and the food to fill their spirits, the fellowship of other people," said Trainor.

Jon Bowling with Calvary Baptist Church in Denison said: "This is what church is about. God has blessed us, so we're going to give back to the community. That's what we're here for."

Locals told us what Thanksgiving meant to them, and that they were thankful for the church families who invited them in.

"Family and being together, because not many of us have all that," said Hector, a Grayson County resident. "And some people have it so close to them, and once it's gone you realize what you had was great."

"Thanksgiving is the very day that you take that moment out of your time, and you thank the Lord for all that he's blessed you with," said Trainor.

The other churches involved today were Lakeway United Methodist in Pottsboro and Key Memorial United in Sherman.