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Shopping for Black Friday? There's an App for That


SHERMAN, TX---- Searching for the best deals on Black Friday can be nerve-racking, so before you brave the crowds, you might want to check out some technology that'll make your shopping experience a little easier. Here are some valuable phone applications to help you out.

First up, is ShopSavvy. It's a highly rated scanner app that allows you to do comparison shopping on store items. All you have to do is hold the scanner up to a product's barcode and it will scan it and pull up all of the product's information and pricing. Then you can compare it to other products in the store.

Next, is ShopAdvisor. This application keeps an eye on the gifts you want most, and then alerts you when they have likely hit their best price and where to get them. This is particularly helpful in stores that will price match on Black Friday.

If you're just looking for a database of all the Black Friday advertisements, download Black Friday 2013 Ads App.

If you're at the store, but forgot your coupons download Coupon Sherpa. It boasts one of the largest databases of online and in-store coupons and all you have to do to use them is simply bring them to the register.

Going high tech has never been easier, so save on your spending and make your shopping trip smoother. All of these applications are available for iOS and Android.