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AAA Says 'Stay Alert' In Parking Lots During Holidays


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- Shoppers are gearing up for Black Friday and parking lots are already packed with people. With the added congestion comes added safety risks.  

The holiday season is here. That means food, family, and full parking lots.

"It's crazy I'm parked way back here in the parking lot," said one shopper at the Walmart in Ardmore.

"I think it just gets worse as the days go by," said another shopper.

"Oh, I think it's awful," said another shopper going in for groceries.

Shoppers filled the parking lots Wednesday in Ardmore for last minute grocery shopping.

"Parking lots are typically places where we let our guard down anyway because we're all driving so slowly we figure, "What could go wrong?'" said Chuck Mai, Vice President of Public Affairs with AAA.

Mai says even a fender bender can cost you your Black Friday savings, and cause injury.

Another tip shoppers can use is to "play the outfield."

AAA says there are more open spaces, in the outlying areas of parking lots which lower the risk of a collision. But the spaces farther away might not be as secure.

"You either park way back here and walk or drive around for 30 minutes and get the chance to get backed into because I almost had that happen earlier so," said one shopper.

AAA says to park in a well lit area and keep your purchases and valuables in the trunk of your car.

"The thieves are really looking for something that's easy and quick and they can get away with in no time at all so if you make it easy for them, you're going to be a likely target," said Mai.

Mai says to stay alert for pedestrians and small children while in the parking lot as well.

For more info and tips to stay safe in the busy parking lots during the holidays, you can find a link to the AAA website here.