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Crafty Creations Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

It's THANKSGIVING!! The holiday about family, friends and food! Enjoying the sights, scents and tastes of the season is a wonderful way to experience autumn's glory.
Here's a few easy and budget friendly creative ideas for hostessing.
Use unscented candles so not to compete with all the fabulous kitchen scents.
Less looks more with just a few colors. Use creams and whites with some greenery if you're not into the warm colors of fall.
Surround candles down the center of the table with rosemary. It's textural, natural and smells wonderful! Use tea lights in small votive's, in wine glasses and add a few pillar candles for height.
For a more formal look, use tapers in gold or silver to match your china.
Instead of flowers, use what you have...autumn leaves, berries and some green foliage.
This looks good at the front door too, in a watering can. A colorful "welcome".
Burlap is all the rage, make placemats embellishing with hot glue and buttons or a  twine bow on the corner. Layer with a smaller piece in a different color.
Strips of burlap or twine ties the napkins with rosemary in a creative way. This is a fun job for the kids!
Baby pumpkins with name tags are a fun and easy place card to make, again, ask the kids to get involved.
Bring in the picnic table or set up card tables for the kids. Cover them with brown craft paper & have baskets of new crayons, markers and chalk for hands to get busy and creative. Have them list things for which they are THANKFUL with a drawing.
Making placemats is fun, too.  Have a stack of colorful scrap book paper and stickers.
Give kids an outdoor project to gather some NATURE for their own centerpiece.
I always fly my flag on our unique American holiday. Remember to give thanks for our men and women overseas and at home in our military.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Albert Einstein
In memory~ Greg K. Schneider
Mar. 29, 1961-Sept. 27, 2013
Pumpkin paintings: Karen Foster and Pinterest

Autumn Party Pumpkin Soup
1 bottle fav white wine~ Ecco Domani: Pinot G.
1 fav CD
1/4c chopped green pepper
2T chopped onion
1t parsley flakes
1/8t thyme
1 bay leaf
2T butter
1 can-9oz or fresh Jersey tomato-diced **
2c mashed cooked pumpkin
2c H20
2 chicken bullion cubes
1T flour
2c milk
1t salt
1/8t pepper
POUR a glass of wine & PLAY your fav CD while cooking…
SAUTE'~ pepper, onion, parsley, thyme & bay leaf in butter until tender, do not brown. Add tomato, pumpkin, water & bullion; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer for 30min, stir occasionally.
POUR~ another glass of wine
IN A SMALL BOWL~ combine flour & milk, blending well. Stir into soup mixture, add salt & pepper.
COOK~ over med heat, stirring frequently until mixture boils.
SERVES~6-8  Remove the bay leaf before serving!
Great as an appetizer w/ white wine & toasted French bread, at Thanksgiving.**~I add more tomato for a bigger, chunkier BITE.