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Sherman Police Increasing their Presence at Retailers for the Holidays


SHERMAN, TX--- Holiday shoplifters, beware! This year, the Sherman Police Department is increasing their presence at area retailers.

Store workers at Dennard's Western Wear have already taken extra precautions to make sure their shop is safe this holiday season.

"For holidays like this we actually hire our own security," employee Cory Larson said.

However, Larson said the added security from the Sherman Police Department never hurts.

"It's great," Larson said. "Anything to help calm it down a little bit and actually get some organization to all this madness."

The added officers are part of a task force called the "Safe Shopper Holiday Patrol".

"The objective of the patrol is to prevent retail thefts and make the parking lots safer for shoppers," Sherman Police Department's Lt. Ken Brooks said.

As a mother who said she'll be doing a lot of holiday shopping in the coming weeks, Tera Jensen said she feels safe knowing they'll be there.  

"I think people would be scared to do something irrational if there is added safety," Jensen said.

Police said while their added presence will help to stop sticky fingers, shoppers also need to be doing a few things on their own.

Before you hit your favorite stores this holiday season, make sure that you're parked in a well-lit area, make sure your windows are up, your doors are locked and all your valuables are in the trunk.

"This time of year there are a lot of vehicle burglaries," Lt. Brooks said.

While shopping, always be aware of your surroundings. Keep your purses and shopping bags close to you and don't carry around large amounts of cash.

Police also said to watch where you par and that they will be ticketing cars that are parked illegally.