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Denison Country Club Dealing with Wild Hog Problem


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX--- The last few months have been a nightmare for the Denison Country Club. Wild hogs have been tearing up the fairway and greens, as well as the neighborhood that surrounds it.

Superintendent of the club, Ross Gallimore has been dealing with the wild hogs for months, but recently the problem has escalated.

"For about two to three weeks, they've been hitting us every night," Gallimore said.

He said they've torn up all areas of the club's golf course looking for grub worms and tree roots to eat.

"You can see all the damage that they've done and every time they do it we have to fix it," Gallimore said.

In order to fix the damage, they have to level the torn up ground, rake it, reseed it and wait for it to grow back. It's a process that's very time consuming and very pricey. Already, it has cost the club tens of thousands of dollars.

"It's getting pretty bad," Gallimore said.

It's a problem that has affected not only the country club, but the entire area around it. Off Farm Road 406 in Fink, hog blood and guts can be seen on the road. Nearby residents said they've seen hogs weighing more than 250 pounds that have been run over.

"There was a big hog laying against the guard rail," resident Darlyene Spann said. "There were skid marks where you could tell the vehicle had hit him. My son went back up there later and said that there were three more in a nearby ditch."

Many nearby homeowners and the country club manager are reaching out to a local game warden to see if he has any ideas on how to keep the hogs at bay.

"Landowners can hunt them on their own property,"Game Warden Shane Bailey said. "During the off season when people aren't hunting deer, they can also have hunters come out and try to manage these numbers."

If you want to shoot them outside of your own property, he said you need a licence.

Although attacks on humans are rare, Bailey said it's never a good idea to approach a hog because if they feel they're being provoked, they could attack.