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Ada Rehabilitation Program Puts Addicts Back to Work

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ADA, OK--A local rehabilitation program has been putting addicts back to work for six years now. Its members and representatives are calling it one of the state's most effective.

For several years, Pontotoc County has been home to the SOAR program, which stands for Southern Oklahoma Addiction Recovery, Inc. Duane Murray, president of SOAR's board of directors, says it's a rehabilitation facility that gets addicts back to work.    

"We take men that are court ordered, non-violent offenders, that are sent to us by drug courts all over southern Oklahoma," said Murray. "We have men from Carter County, Pittsburgh County, Hughes County, Pontotoc County, Comanche County."

Murray says once the men are admitted, the program becomes effective immediately.

"We get them out of bed the next morning, and they're on the job from 8am-5pm," said Murray. "So they're not sitting around our house doing nothing."

Steven Storey has been with the SOAR program for five months now. A previous meth addict, he says this is the longest he's been sober in 15 years.

"I've been to several programs in the state, and this has been the one that I've enjoyed," said Storey.

Storey is now a full-time employee for Coca Cola, and credits SOAR for his success and well-being.

"When I came in here, I was 175 pounds, I'm at 231 now," said Storey. "And it's not just because of the food, it's because I'm enjoying myself now! And I'm proud of myself, because I've actually done something, accomplished something, to be able to enjoy everyday life again."

Storey left behind a wife and two children to find help for himself. But with one more month left at SOAR, he has one goal in mind.

"My boy's doing good, my daughter's doing excellent, and they want me to make it to their graduation, so that's what I plan on doing," said Storey.

There are currently 19 members active in SOAR who share one house with two small living spaces. Murray says they will be relocating to the old Salvation Army facility by January 1st, which will provide more comfortable arrangements.