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Be an Angel and Adopt an Angel


TEXOMA -- Cheryl McClure has been a part of the Salvation Army for almost 40 years. She volunteers now to help others, but she once was in need herself.

"I have been a recipient of this program in the past. Many years ago when my husband was in the hospital the Salvation Army adopted our family out to TI (Texas Instruments) and when I came home from the hospital with my husband and my child who had just been born with his many problems, our whole household was filled with gifts and trees and everything."

So now Cheryl volunteers year after year with the Salvation Army to try and help others like her family was helped.

"I know what it is like to be a recipient of the Salvation Army so its important to me to volunteer and do the best I can for them."      

The Angel Tree is a sponsorship program that allows families to provide Christmas for a child in need.  The family picks a card off the tree and on it is the child's information and a gift list.  

"Bring it back to the store and we ask that it be unwrapped and tape it to the gift and we just ask that you be an angel and adopt an angel," says Major Helene Wildish, Corp Officer of the Salvation Army.

Wildish says at least twenty six hundred children are in need of help this year, which is a higher number than in years past.  

"We do have a lot of extra needs this year. We have so many new people who due to the economic times have asked for help. We've got people who have given us contributions that have now come in and asked for help this year."

Salvation Army asks for all the unwrapped gifts by December 14th so they can be sorted and handed out to the families before Christmas.

Locations for the Angel Tree include Midway Mall in Sherman, JcPenny in Sherman, and Walmarts in Sherman, Denison, Suphur, Ardmore, and Madill.