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Fire Damages Building On Busy Denison Street


DENISON, TX -- A building catches fire on a busy street Sunday, and although a space heater is believed to be involved, the cause is still under investigation.

It happened around 11 a.m. on Sunday in the 2200 block of West Morton Street.  Smoke billowed from the building, located next to a chiropractor's office.

"I just walked out the back and saw smoke coming up," says witness Dr. David Pokorny. "Anytime you see smoke coming out of a building you tend to be a little taken aback. ...I called [9-1-1] but somebody before me had already called, passersby apparently."

Next, he called the building's owner. "There's no electricity or water or nothing, so how can a fire start when there's nothing?" says owner Robert Springer. "This is worth a lot of money to me. It's uninsured, so that's what makes it tough and that's why I'm so nervous."

The owner's wife says some of her two sons' belongings are stored in the building and she hopes they weren't too badly damaged. Firefighters say after looking around inside they believe they know what started the fire.

"It's actually a wall heater, a wall space heater and it actually goes from the floor up," says assistant fire chief Bill Ray. "The fire's actually around the floor and it went up the wall to the ceiling."

Ray says that while this seems to be the area with the most damage, there are still more questions. "At this point we're going to be investigating to see if that's actually what caused the fire or not," says Ray.

"It's been about two months now, maybe three that they cut the water off the same time everybody moved out. We just used it for storage and I used it for my storage and my telephone equipment," says Springer.

Springer says he has another building near Highway 75, but still keeps equipment to install telephones inside this one. "I'm waiting for some good news and some bad news. The good news is they'll find out where it started and the bad news is I want to know who started it," says Springer.

Springer told firefighters someone had been staying there but was supposed to have been out. The investigation continues.