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Stabbing At Ardmore Convenience Store


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- Police in Ardmore are searching for two men they say appears to be an attempted robbery at a convenience store Friday night and then stabbed an employee.

Police say it happened about 10 PM Friday night at the Rockford C-Mart at 4th and Rockford.

Police say someone called 911 when they heard a man screaming.

"Oh I just couldn't believe it, I mean he's a good person," said Clay Willis. "He's friendly with everybody who comes in here."

Police say the man who was attacked was walking the owner's dog along the sidewalk in front of the store around 10 o' clock. When he got to the side of the building, he was then stabbed by two men next to a parked van.

"He was stabbed seven times on his body," said A.J. Shah "They stabbed him on the neck, shoulder, abdomen, on the lower back and on the thigh."

A.J. Shah has owned the Rockford C-Mart for seven years now. He says the employee who was attacked is a good guy, and has no idea why someone would want to hurt him.  

"He's a really straightforward man we don't know why someone would do that to him," said Shah. "That was amazing to us and shocking for our family."

Customers like Clay Willis are just as shocked.

"I'm stunned just like all them in there are," said Willis, a frequent customer of the Rockford C-Mart. "I just...something like this to happen, you hear it, I'm speechless for it. I don't know what to tell you."

The man who was stabbed was taken to Mercy hospital in Ardmore, then flown by Mediflight to Oklahoma City.

Police say they are currently reviewing surveillance video of the store and surrounding businesses.

Shah says the store hasn't had problems with violence in the past.

"We haven't had those kind of incident on our property...never," said Shah.

Police say witnesses saw two men running away from the area. They were able to get descriptions but are not releasing details at this time.  

The owner says the victim successfully underwent 4 hours of surgery in Oklahoma City early Saturday morning. His condition is still unknown.

If you have any information regarding the suspects you're urged to contact Ardmore Police.