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Ada High School Remembers Cody Johnson


ADA, OK--Students at one local high school are taking the time to remember a very special classmate they lost too soon.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Ada High School football player Cody Johnson's death.    

"Overall, it's still pretty hard to accept the fact that it's been a year," said senior Jordyn Fortner.      

Cody was killed in a motorcycle accident on Highway 3W just outside of town. A friend to everyone, students say he made school a better place.

Senior Devon Anderson said: "He could bring light into any situation. He was always happy, always laughing, smiling, doing something goofy. He really was the light in people's day."

Ada students and faculty held a candlelight service in honor of Cody, and they took the time to share some of their favorite memories.

Teammate Dustin Sparks said: "He was a spontaneous person, had a bunch of energy, he always wanted to do something. And every day after practice, no matter how hard the practice was, he wanted to go to Pigskins and eat"

Now a year later, friends say they are trying to stay positive and remember all the life lessons Cody taught them.

"Have fun, never stop having fun. If you're not happy you don't know what to be," said Sparks.

Teammate Cade Stanford said: "Live life to the fullest, you know. Every day is a new day, we are never promised tomorrow. So always take it how you can."

Anderson said: "There's not a day that I don't think about him, but there's also me looking at the positive side of it knowing he's always with me and moving on slowly but surely."

Tonight the Ada Cougars enter the first round of playoffs against Woodward. Students and faculty say Cody will be with the players under the Friday night lights.