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Joint Investigation Leads to Large Marijuana Drug Bust


POTTSBORO, TX—Thousands of dollars in cash, drugs and marijuana plants were found at a home yesterday in Pottsboro.

30-year-old Kenneth Bledsoe and 25-year-old Ryan Danielle Urbanski were arrested after police say they found about 50 marijuana plants, $50,000 worth of marijuana in jars and $30,000 in cash at a home off highway 289 in Pottsboro.

"There was a growing ventilation system, we also recovered over four pounds of finished product along with over $30,000 cash, 2 fire arms, and three vehicles," said Lt. Mike Eppler.

A joint investigation between the Sherman and Denison police department led to the arrest...

Elaine Brown lives near the home and says she's concerned about the drug activity going on in her neighborhood.

"I'm extremely concerned about that, knowing there's drugs in the neighborhood and drugs means there's probably theft going on as well," said Resident Elaine Brown.

She's not alone; several other neighbors have expressed their concern and even started a neighborhood watch to slow down crime and drug activity.

"We would like our neighborhood to be a better place to live and that's what we strive for in each of our yearly meetings, we try to better ourselves here in the neighborhood," said Brad Hensley.

Neighborhood crime watches signs have been placed all throughout the neighborhood and police encourage people to contact local law enforcement.

"Any information that we get from the public we always follow up on it and make sure it's credible and we act on it," said Lt. Mike Eppler.

Investigators say there was a small child inside the home at the time of the arrest and say the child has been placed with a relative. Authorities say they're investigating as to whether or not more people were involved.

Beldsoe and Urbasnki each posted a $10,000 bond and have been released.

Joint Investigation Leads to Large Marijuana Drug Bust