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Ada Inmate Found Dead on Monday


ADA, OK--The Pontotoc County sheriff's department is still trying to figure out what happened to an inmate who was found dead  in her jail cell earlier this week.

Sheriff John Christian says deputies found 23-year-old Tammy Jorene Jordan unresponsive in her isolation cell at the Pontotoc County Justice Center about 8:40 Monday night.

"They had thought she'd gone to sleep, and at a couple points had seen her moving...So she certainly was alive at that time," said Christian.

The sheriff says earlier that evening, Jordan complained about being too hot in her cell. That's when he says she moved her mattress to the floor to be cooler.

"They went to place another inmate in that cell with her," said Christian, "and when they opened the door, they observed that it didn't appear that she was breathing or had real shallow breathing."

On-duty jailers tried to perform CPR, but she was already dead. Christian said there was no indication of any trauma to her body.

The sheriff says Jordan was originally arrested on November 4 for driving under the influence. He says she told investigators she had tried to overdose on methamphetamines and prescription drugs after her boyfriend broke up with her.

"Prior to  her being brought to our facility, she had been taken to (Mercy Hospital) for an overdose," said Christian.

While under arrest at Mercy Hospital, deputies say she escaped the intensive care unit and was re-arrested a few days later. She was admitted to the county jail, where she spent only four days before her death.

Sheriff Christian said the cause of death is still unknown, but that Jordan's body was sent to the state medical examiner for toxicology reports. Those results are expected to be back within three weeks.