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Van Alstyne Residents Fight City Water Bill Increase at Council Meeting


VAN ALSTYNE, TX---- For more than a month, citizens in Van Alstyne have been noticing their water bills going up.

City Manager Frank Baker said the increase comes from a city ordinance which was adopted in late September after an audit found that the city was undercharging for its water. He said the new ordinance raises the base water rate by a minimum of 7% and on top of that, the rate continues to increase depending on how much water is used.

City officials said all of the added funds from water bills are being put into a rainy day savings fund which will be used only to repair city water and sewer infrastructure.

Hackberry Park Apartment Complex manager Giny Hampton is one of many people currently dealing with increased water rates.She said at Hackberry Park, her monthly water bill has more than doubled.

"It is unethical for a city to make so much money off supplying clean water to its citizens," Hampton said.

Several residents said they agree and tonight they tried to do something about it. On the agenda was an item to discuss and take action to requests regarding the new city water rates.

These requests were for the water rates to be put on a ballot for vote, for the acceptance of the petition, for the repeal of the new city ordinance and the reinstatement of the old city ordinance, for refunding excess money collected from the new ordinance and for establishing a policy that gives citizens facing hardship the ability and right to extend their payments without penalty.

Tonight, City Council members voted 3-2 to deny the repeal requests.