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Dickson Citizens Circulating Petition To Audit School


DICKSON, OKLAHOMA -- Parents and community members in Dickson are coming together to sign a petition for an audit of the Dickson school system.

6 weeks after former Dickson superintendent Sherri Howe resigned, a group of parents are circulating a petition trying to get the school system audited.

"We're hoping to get some answers just about, where some of the finances have gone as far as bond issues and grants and just money that comes into the school and how it's being spent," said Shane Ellis, father of two students at Dickson schools.

Shane and Jennifer Ellis started the petition after they heard other parents discuss concerns that schools funds and property may have been misused.     

They say an audit would clear the air.

"It's not a witch hunt by any means, we're not out to get anybody," said Shane.

"My daughter and I started on Friday night collecting signatures and we have to have 339 signatures in order to have the audit completed," said Jennifer Ellis, who's children are a junior and freshman attending Dickson.

The Ellis' tell say more than 200 registered voters in Dickson have signed the petition. They also say that the reaction to the petition is 90 to 95 percent positive.

Marla Stuart and Bridgit Vaughn at tended tonight's meeting to support the petition.

"I've lived here nine years and from people that's lived here for twenty plus years they say yes, there's a lot of things that have been done inappropriately with the funds," said Stuart.

No matter what the results of the potential audit reveal, parents say they want the slate at Dickson schools to be wiped clean.

"In light of recent events, a lot of people are just concerned and we're hoping to give some people some peace of mind out of this whole process," said Shane Ellis.

"And supporting our teachers, making sure they got everything that they need and you know like he said just a fresh start, a new beginning," added Jennifer.

The Ellis' say the deadline to turn the petition in to the Oklahoma State Board of Education is December 6 at 5 PM.

The petition outlines that the audit will look at records from July 2011 to October 2013 and cost the school district somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 to 30,000 dollars.