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Veterans in Sherman and Denison Share Their Stories


TEXOMA -- Military men and women from the Sherman and Denison area were honored as well Monday.   We spoke to several veterans who had some interesting stories to tell of their days in the service.

Many retired naval officers gathered at the Wall of Honor in Denison as a way to celebrate Veterans Day.

The display opened up at the Katy Depot in October showing pictures of many veterans and showing World War II naval ships.

"Beautiful models that you see here and they are famous for us. Because they represent many of the vessels that many of us served on during World War II or right after World War II so it has meaning very closely for us," explains Siras Browning who is a retired Navy Captain.

Browning remembers one of the saddest days he had to endure while serving.

"We had a collision with another one of our sister ships and we lost 50 ft of our bow and 2 of my friends were enclosed in that bow and we lost 2 of my compartment mates."

Browning is thankful for the recognition and remembrance of those like him who have served.

Joe Walker, a retired Chief Petty Officer, enjoyed every year he experienced in the navy.  He took some time out to remember the years he served.

"I have three tours in Vietnam, two aboard ship off the coast and my third tour was in country down in the Delta where it gets hot and sticky."

An event in Sherman took place at Fairview Park to honor those who have served.

Veteran Larry Harding, Junior Vice Commander of VFW 2772, is proud of his accomplishments.

"It means that I have done something with my life. It is something that I have done to help the American people and I hope that they appreciate it. I want them to appreciate it but it makes me feel proud."