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Whitesboro Church Shows Billy Graham's "Last Sermon"


WHITESBORO, TX -- Some people got a look at what's being billed as Billy Graham's last sermon during a showing that is one of thousands across the country.

The video was shown as part of the evening service on Sunday at North Hills Baptist Church on Highway 377. It contains two testimonies from others, along with Graham's own message and clips of his past.

The church's pastor tells us the video is being shown at 22,000 churches around the country, and coincides with the evangelist's 95th birthday, which was on Thursday.

"Actually as I watched and listened, it gave me a sense of closure, because his ministry is coming to a conclusion as far as his part of his life," says pastor Tim Robinson. "But his son and the rest of the Billy Graham association will continue forward. It was very moving."

Robinson says Graham's message transcended the screen, and inspired several people to come forward and profess their faith when they played it during the morning service, which was made up of about half guests. The video is also available online.