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Bryan Co. Pedestrian Struck And Killed Near Highway Exit


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A man is dead after being hit by a car near Durant while walking in the highway.

It happened just on the north edge of Durant city limits. That's where troopers say a man darted out into traffic in the dark with deadly consequences.

It was dark when the man was struck near the exit for Armstrong. "There was a bunch of cars just swerving and we were trying to figure out what was going on and we thought that someone had hit a deer and come to find out it's a body laying in the middle of the road," says witness Jay Richardson.

Richardson lives off Highway 69/75 by the same exit, and he stopped to help out. "We pulled over towards him to stop traffic and then he got out and called 9-1-1," says witness Ashley Richardson.

"When you see a puddle of blood that big, then you're pretty sure he's dead," says Jay Richardson.

Friends say the man, who did not have a car, was apparently starting an hour walk to a store at the next exit south when he was hit around 7:30 p.m. on Friday night in the northbound lanes.

"As he had run out into the road, he struck the passenger side of her vehicle which caused him to fall down in the roadway, and a second vehicle came along and hit him also," says OHP Trooper James Reinecker.

"He was supposed to be going to the store to get a pack of cigarettes and his girlfriend said that he could have been drinking that day," says Jay Richardson.

Troopers say they are still looking for one out of the two cars they believe struck the man. Witnesses told KTEN that cars were swerving around his body, which was lying in the road.

"Everybody was just going around him and no one was stopping," says Jay Richardson.

"He was like right in the middle," says Ashley Richardson.

Troopers spoke with the stunned driver Ricki Braziell, 19, of Caddo. Meantime, the couple who called 9-1-1 went home to visit their friend and neighbor of about eight months.

"When we come home I actually came over to check on this guy and he wasn't here," says Jay Richardson.

"He has a tendency to drink and walk around and when we figured out he wasn't here, that's when we figured it might be him, yeah, and his girlfriend described the clothes he was wearing," says Ashley Richardson. "I think of my kids, you know I just don't want to ever see anything like that again."

The man has now been identified as Ronald Dale Hunter, 54, with an address in Odessa, Texas. His body was taken to the state Medical Examiner's office in Oklahoma City. The investigation continues.