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Crafty Creations: Happy Fall Ya'll Wreaths

It's Fall Y'all!
The bats and goblins are put away, but the warm colors of the cooler days can excite even those who love hot summers!
The wreaths from this morning are easy (so I thought-unless the cameras are rolling!) and can be made in an array of colors for your front door or to give as a Thanksgiving hostess gift.
Supply List:
Fav autumnal CD-containing "Autumn in New York "
Med size pressed straw wreath-$3.99 craft sore-remove plastic wrap
1yrd of burlap : here 3 colors used: 1/3 yd of each color-$2.99 yd
4" burlap ribbon-one roll-$6.
glue gun
phillips head screw driver
chalk & ruler-optional
hanging wire
Usually this one is so easy...we had a fun time on t.v. getting the screwdriver to cooperate, it must not have been for a left handed crafter!
Use chalk & ruler to make 4"x4" squares of burlap-or make a cardboard pattern if that's easier for you.
These pieces need not be perfect~so crooked edges are ok.
Hot glue the ribbon's start to the back of the wreath, then wrap the wreath with the ribbon tightly-tacking every so often with hot glue, then glue the end.
Place the screwdriver in the center of a square, wrapping the fabric around the base, then poke the tip into the wreath to insert the fabric, remove the screwdriver.
If the screwdriver is new and sharp: pinch the fabric in the center, then poke the point of the burlap into the wreath with the point of the screwdriver.
Repeat all over-making sections of color if you want.
Add the wire to hang, wrap around the wreath, twist in the back and make a loop for hanging.
This goes by faster than it looks and would be a great project for kids who want to bring something to Grandma over the holidays.
(Supervise all kids with tools & hot glue guns!)
Supply List:
Straw wreath
2yds ribbon
glue gun
This one is even simpler. Wrap a wreath with yarn-that's about it. Using a heavier weight yarn is best.  You can use the multi colored yarn or do sections of solid colors:
to make a flag wreath: use navy blue across the top arch of the wreath, the make red & white sections around the rest of the wreath.
Embellish with a crochet flowers, giant buttons, or a wooden initial, using the glue gun. Add a pretty ribbon for hanging.
ALSO: Silk flowers can be added to these wreaths very easily. Cut the stems w/ a wire cutter and press into the straw.
Make a small group on one side or add them around the whole wreath layering over the yarn.
There's your cool craft for the cooler days of ahh-tumn!
Happy Fall Y'all