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New Dental Clinic For Poor To Open Next Month In Sherman


SHERMAN, TX -- Dental help is on the way for Grayson County residents with low or no income. Many Texomans are forced to live with daily tooth pain because they can't afford expensive dental work.

Now, a new free clinic about to open up is going to provide free dental exams to the underfunded and underinsured. It's across the street from Four Rivers Outreach and it was their first office space from 2006, and a onetime corner store.

On Thursday night, organizers showed off the building's brand new look and purpose during an open house.

After retiring from construction, Arthur Horn co-founded the Sherman charity to help people, but there's one problem he didn't expect.

"Most of the clients that we have, a lot of them are on meth and they've totally destroyed their teeth," says Horn, the executive director at Four Rivers Outreach. "It's quite difficult for them to get employment in the public sector because of the appearance of their mouth."

"They come in here and they have a toothache and their jaw is swollen up and they have no means to go to the dentist and get it taken care of," says program director Jeannie Horn.

Now, with a four-year grant totaling $200,000 from the local United Way, this free dental clinic for those making minimum wage or below is ready to open in December.

"I can't afford to go to a dentist and pay $400 for some routine thing. I've got a tooth I need pulled, so I'll probably get on the list," says Jeremy Stockslager.

"It'd be a good idea. It'd be a great deal for all the people that come in that can't afford to get their teeth worked on," says Dustin Benson.

The new clinic has about $60,000 worth of donated equipment and dentists will also volunteer their time to see patients here. They expect to have a waiting list almost from the beginning.

"We can only make appointments when the dentist is there and it is our understanding that some of the dentists are going to volunteer in the evening," says Jeannie Horn.

Jeannie Horn showed us a wall of pictures of those they've lost, many by intentional drug overdose. "Sometimes they relapse several times before they ever make it to a long term recovery," says Arthur Horn.

For those who attend programs and help out here... "They help you get jobs like I filled out two applications just today, one for Kroger and one for Albertson's," says Benson.

The idea of free dental care is another plus. "It's gonna be nice. It's sweet, they did a good job with it," says Johnny Robinson.

"Awesome. Awesome!" says Teresa Evans.

The dental clinic is available for Grayson County residents who make up to 125 percent of the low income guideline of $11,600, or about $7.25 per hour. For more information, contact the office.

Four Rivers currently has a few people that stay in the building, and their next goal is a homeless shelter, Arthur Horn said.