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Apartment Fire Displaces Dozens of Denison Residents


DENISON, TX-- Dozens of families are in turmoil Thursday night after their apartments were badly damaged

Michael Vaber was inside his apartment when smoke started to fill the air.

"I was just inside getting ready to cook some food heard a bunch of noises and sirens and stuff, looked outside and saw a wall of smoke," said Vaber. "some of the people were freaked out that had animals, but everyone is ok, nobody got hurt."

Denison firefighters responded to a fire at the Downtowner apartments around 9 a.m. Thursday morning. Fire investigators believe the fire started in the kitchen.

"When we arrived, we found heavy black smoke that was coming out of the bottom apartment, once they reached the door there were flames, in which were quickly put out," said Bill Ray, Assistant fire chief.

Christian Davis lives in the apartment complex with his grandmother. He says he was at school when the fire broke out.

Davis locked the apartment door earlier that morning and forgot to  give the keys back to his grandmother.

"I actually had my grandmothers house key in my pocket, I had to lock up this morning when she was taking me to school and she had to come back to school to come and get it, if she hadn't come back to get it she probably would've been in there with all the smoke and all when all the fire was going on," said Davis.

At least two people were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. Dozens of people were forced out of their apartments after the utility companies had to shut off electricity and water.
Red cross was on the scene to help people who needed it.
"We will be following up with all of the individuals to find out if they need any further assistance," said David Compton, Red Cross volunteer.

Red Cross 

2527 Hwy 691, Denison, TX 75020
(903) 465-1330