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Winstar Casino Continues To Expand

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THACKERVILLE, OKLAHOMA -- One of the biggest casinos in the world is about to get bigger, and it's right here in Texoma.

The Winstar Casino and Resort is expanding their operation. Back in 2007 Winstar general manager Wayne McCormick says with about 1,800 games on 250,000 square feet of space, he decided the casino need to add some space.

After the new expansions, which include an 18-story hotel tower and a new pool facility and gaming plaza, he says the casino now has 7,600 games on 1.5 million square feet.

"Well it's actually been overwhelming, amazing," said McCormick. "The potential that you see through not only continue the movement we currently have but the additional construction that may go on in the future is something that's just totally amazing."

Governor Anoatubby of the says these new additions will bring numerous benefits to the Chickasaw Nation. These expansions will also bring benefits to the Love County economy as well.

Love County has benefited time and time again with the accomplishments of the greater Chickasaw nation, and their work in the community," said Richard Barker, the president of the Love County Chamber of Commerce. "Many, many jobs have been provided to our local economy and today's events indicate another 450 additional positions available."

Raising the total number of jobs at Winstar to more than 3,500.

Secretary of Commerce Bill Lance says the casino has helped Love County out of a five year economic slump.

"I have to believe that Winstar and the Chickasaw Nation has contributed to some economic success that has benefited not only the Chickasaw Nation but the at large community," said Lance.

Something residents of Love County agree with.

"So it's meant more jobs, it's helped our economy locally, statewide and certainly on the federal front as well, I think," said Barker.

The general manager of hotels at Winstar says the third hotel tower will open in April.