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Pancake Day for One Texoma Town to Raise Money for Kids


DURANT, OK -- Some people call them pancakes, while others call them flapjacks.  But for one public service organization in Durant they're more than just breakfast. They're a way to help kids in their community.

Ernest Sturch has been a member of the Kiwanis Club of Durant for 55 years now. He has experienced the growth of this pancake day.

"We started in 1954 in a place called Tom's Lunch in downtown. We had a capacity of about 35 to 40 people and we made $400, worked all day."

They now serve about 5000 people and make more than 20 thousand dollars on the one day event, all of which goes right back into the community.

"Kiwanis means, or really our mission is to serve the children of the world. And that's what we do we are not like any other club, we have a very strict mission and our mission is just to help our community to be stronger and in particular to help our youth. The youth is our future," says Derrell Mendez, the President of the Kiwanis Club of Durant.

The money helps provide scholarships for high school students, it goes into area parks and playgrounds and baseball fields.

"Not only do you get a great meal but all this money goes right back to doing things locally to help our youth," says Mendez.

Ernest has only missed one pancake day in his 55 years as a member.

"It's been good to be able to see the club grow and see the young people taking over the hard jobs here at the pancake day doing the cooking and the setting up."

The day has turned into a big social event for the community of Durant which is no surprise when the money raised goes into supporting the community and its children.

"Our focus is on the youth we basically deal with improving the life of young children," says Sturch.