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Gamers line up in Sherman for midnight release of "Call of Duty"


SHERMAN – A crowd is growing outside GameStop in Sherman. By early evening, dozens of people were lined up and eager to get their hands on "Call of Duty: Ghosts", a new video game being released at midnight.

Caffeine and a folding chair may as well be the survival kit for the die-hard "Call of Duty" fans, willing to wait hours for the latest version of the video game.

Joe Sergio is first in line, and has been outside the GameStop in Sherman since 8am.

"Everytime Call of Duty puts one out it's what everybody has to have, and you know, it's the enjoyment, it's the comradery, you know, everybody out here just having a good time," Sergio said.

Add cots and laptops to the list of necessities for college students Jesse Myers and Cameron Glover, who's using the time to finish an essay for school.

"It's just fun," Glover said. "You get to hang out. You meet a lot of new people and hang out with new friends."

By midnight, hundreds of people are expected to join the group.

"This is a very anticipated game. A lot of people want it," gamer Russel Odom said.

"Call of Duty: Ghosts" follows four friends on an explosive trip through Las Vegas and beyond.

But fans aren't just lining up to get their hands on the game.

GameStop in Sherman is also hosting a tournament before the game is officially released. They plan on putting up a large projector screen and allowing fans to compete to see who can play the game the best, right off the bat.

Everyone in line has already pre-ordered the game, and, everyone will get a copy.

So, without the risk of the store selling-out, fans say the point of lining up is to soak up the experience on a damp Monday where rain and chilly temperatures outside couldn't hold hard-core gamers back from kicking off their shoes and getting comfortable.

"Call of Duty: Ghosts" costs about $65 and is available in stores worldwide at midnight.

We asked how many games have been pre-sold at the Sherman store but were told by managers they are unable to give out that kind of information.