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Cut in SNAP Program Leads to Higher Need at Food Pantries


SHERMAN, TX -- As of October 31st benefits for people on SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, have been reduced.    

Department of Human Services estimates on average a family of 4 will receive about 36 dollars less per month.    

Since the cut backs went into effect local organizations who help those in need like the Grand Central Station Dining Car in Sherman are seeing an increase in people needing food.

"I think it has affected us a little bit so far. Normally around the first of the month we feed maybe 80 to 90 people, so far today we fed 108," says Ben Merrill, Food Manager at the Grand Central Station in Sherman.

Merrill has been in the food business almost 50 years and says he does his best to serve those in need restaurant quality food. He's concerned the cut in the SNAP program will make it difficult for many people to make ends meet.

"The cut is going to hurt them. Its going to increase (the need) in all the food pantries around town. We are going to feed more people everyday and of course that is what we are here for is to feed them," says Merrill.

Key Care Mission in Sherman has also seen an increase in people needing food.

"We are noticing a big difference in the food. We have not been in a situation where the food stamps have been cut and their benefits have been cut. We feel like that's a big connection," says Sue Gudgel a volunteer at the Key Care Mission Food Pantry.

With so many families asking for more help, Key Care's Food Pantry has had trouble keeping up with demand.

"We are having to be very, very, very frugal and very careful. We get some of our food from the north Texas food bank but apparently they are not getting the food that they normally use to have, so we are really having to be frugal with what we do get," says Gudgel.

If you would like to help donate, they are looking for nonperishable food items especially canned meats, box macaroni and cheese, vegetable soups, and peanut butter.  You can drop off donations at the Key Care Mission in Sherman across the street from Key Memorial United Methodist Church at 901 E Houston St, Sherman, TX 75090. They are open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1-4pm.