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Ardmore In Halloween Spirit


ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- Main Street in Ardmore was blocked off from 3 to 5 PM Thursday for trick-or-treaters to get an early start.

Hundreds of Ardmoreites showed of their costumes, ranging from the traditional "Scream" costume to little fairy princesses.

"Yeah it's pretty good, and the costumes are good out here too," said Latauya Marris.

Local businesses up and down Main Street, including Fred Flintstone, handed out candy to the early trick-or-treaters.

"Oh it's so wonderful to see the community come together and especially all these sweet little children," said Sheila Bell, an employee at First National Bank. "They're just darling, all their little costumes, and it's a nice safe place for the kids to come and trick-or-treat."

With their bags almost full already, Latauya and her cousin Dennis were ready to hit the neighborhoods.

"They give out the full size candy bar, the big ones and handfuls out there," said Marris.

With the sky darkening on Halloween night, some of the bigger kids gathered in central park dressed as zombies for a walk down Main Street.

One thing that could be said for the group of zombies, they were a safe bunch. They actually used the crosswalk.

Ardmore's walking dead made their way down to the Santa Fe depot and back, being chased all the way by the Oklahoma zombie task force hot on their heels.