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Grayson County Fair Will Return Despite Financial Woes


SHERMAN, TX - Organizers were concerned that the 19th Grayson County Fair could be the last. Now, they say they need help fast to make the next one succeed.

The volunteer board in charge of the Grayson County Fair met on Wednesday to discuss the event's future. "It looks like we've got enough money at least to go ahead and have the fair next year," says Fair Board president Joyce White.

After accounting for major items like rent, insurance, security, and bands, they'll still have about $6,000 left over out of about a $30,000 budget, White said.

"We didn't get the 15,000 people that we would like to have had because of the rain, but I think because we cut it down by one day and added some time onto it and that helped," says Fair Board vice president David Hawley.

"We didn't charge admission this year, but we had a couple of sponsors step up and of course we make a little bit on the carnival," says White.

It usually costs $6,000 just to rent the grounds at Loy Lake Park, though this year they got a special deal for $3,000. However, organizers say their biggest obstacle is a lack of volunteers. Instead of around 15 or 20 people that the Fair Board used to have, it's been down to around eight or nine.

"In a not-for-profit fair like this is, you have to have volunteers," says Hawley.

"People to coordinate publicity, someone to take charge of the Creative Arts building, someone to be in charge of the livestock, the bounce houses," says White. "That livestock show is one of the first events of the year that the kids get to practice."

"When we look at this thing and the fair turns out good, then we look at ourselves and say, you know we did something for the community," says Hawley.

While the board members are determined to keep the fair going, they say it needs more people and money to really thrive. "If we had a foundation or someone step up with a large sponsorship, then yeah we could say oh definitely, we're gonna go on from year to year, but right now it's a year to year proposition," says White.

Hawley says something that helped one year was when TexDOT put up flashing signs directing people to the fair.  Organizers want college students, professionals, or anyone who wants to volunteer for the board, or during the fair. Their next meeting will be on Nov. 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the Courthouse Assembly Room.