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ODAFF Agent Investigating Pontotoc County Cattle Thief


ADA, OK--The search continues for the man who is wanted across Oklahoma for larceny of domestic animals. The livestock's rightful owner is well-known amongst ranchers and reality show watchers alike.

Forty-eight-year-old Larry Smith, also known as "Snag," is wanted across the country. He's accused of stealing 99 head of cattle from Pontotoc County rancher Jet McCoy earlier this month. KTEN caught up with the lead investigator who says he's making it his mission to find him.

"You can't outrun the long arm of the law," said chief agent Jerry Flowers of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

Flowers is on the lookout for Smith who is on the run after authorities say he stole, then sold, almost 100 mixed breed steer.

"Right now my agents and I are obviously canvassing anyone associated with Larry Smith in order to track him down and to take him into custody on the warrants that've been issued," said Flowers.

Authorities say Smith and an accomplice stole the livestock from Jet McCoy's ranch near Allen. He and his brother, Cord, are best known for their performance on the reality show "The Amazing Race."

Southeast area livestock specialist Brian Freking says McCoy probably lost close to $100,000.

"If we take a 500-pound calf, they're bringing in close to $1.80 per pound, we're talking about $900 per head. So it's substantial," said Freking.

Freking also said stealing those 99 cattle was probably not a difficult operation.

"It doesn't take much for a person to drive off of a highway, back up to a penned facility and just load them up, and then go to another state to sell them somewhere else," said Freking.

With a previous criminal record, Smith could be looking at a life sentence if he's convicted.

"You know, you go to prison two or three times and you get caught doing something again, you could be put away up to life, said Flowers.

Agent Flowers said it's only a matter of time before Smith is caught.

"We've got officers looking for him all across the United States, he's wanted on a national database," said Flowers. "Any officer who pulls him over is going to know that  he's wanted."

Smith has a warrant out for his arrest with a bond of $500,000. His unidentified accomplice will be surrendering at the Pontotoc County Courthouse tomorrow afternoon at 1:30.